No hunting lesson

Against hunger in the world, and for animal rights

Animals sentient beings by law, we protect their dignity


Recognition of the rabbit as a pet

Stop stray massacre for world football match 2018

Stop torture Angora Rabbits

Stop Dolphin's massacre

Pets in Hospice

S.O.S. Roe Deer

Stop torture in breeding

Wood fire crime against humanity

Ocean is not rubbish-bin

Justice for Billy

No maxi intensive breeding at Finale Emilia

No hunting marmot


Concrete actions against climate change

Stop dog meat at Bali

Climate first of all

S.O.S. Patti's kennel

Stop fox massacre

Stop the plastic tide

Stop food with animals wastes to our knowledge

Help GreenPeace

Prohibit disposable plastic

Stop torture of animals in Palermo

Save the last examples of vaquita

Petition against the waste of food

Urgent Action

Signing the petition tickle is torture save the slow loris

Signed to allow the free exchange of renewable energy

Signature to decontaminate air in Europe

signing the petition against the horror on farms

signing the petition against the ivory trade in Europe

signing the petition against the slaughter of whales in Norway

signing the petition against the slaughter of dogs

Sign the petition "save the wolves"

Tougher penalties those who mistreat animals

Petition for greener Italian Constitution

Petition for respect nature animals

Petition no experimentation no vivisection

Petition to add the vegan food in canteens

Petition to save bees

Petition for the respect of the animals in schools

Petition stop circuses with animals

Petition against the merger of bayer and monsanto

Sign the petition save the tigers of Bengal

Sign the petition against the reopening of the zoo in Turin

Sign the petition against the horse blood trade

Sign the petition Justice for Candide

Sign the petition to stop glyphosate

Sign the petition against the festival of dog meat

Signing the petition against firecrackers

Signing the petition against animal abuse

Signing the petition against air gun

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