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No difference between living species


Similarly, we believe that all men, but all the animals are of the same lineage original, because the principles of their bodies are by nature the same [...], and even more so because the soul that is in them is no different in nature report to the appetites, the movement of anger, the reasoning and especially to the sensations. (Theophrastus)

Antispecism is the philosophical movement, political and cultural struggle to expose the biggest mistake of Western society anthropocentric moral, namely the refusal to give equal treatment to human beings not only for reasons related to the diversity of species. As antiracism rejects that there may be differences in treatment based on the differences between human races and ant sexism because of difference of sex, antispecism rejects discrimination between species, arguing that the mere fact of belonging to a biological species other than human justifies morally or ethically the right to dispose of life, liberty, and the work of a sentient being.
The approach antispecist says:

  • the ability to feel sensations (such as pain and pleasure), to interact with the outside world, to manifest a will, entertain social relations, are not the prerogatives of the human species;

  • the allocation of these capacities to Animals involves an essential change of their ethical status, which would equate to that normally granted to humans;

  • from this it follows a profound transformation of the relationship between human and non-human;

  • every sentient being has existential rights that should be recognized by humanity.

The philosopher Jeremy Bentham can be considered the founder of antispecism, when in 1948 in his "The Principles of Morals and Legislation" includes all animals within the same moral community.

The day will come when the rest of the animal beings may acquire those rights which have not ever been denied if not by the hand of tyranny [...] It may one day come to recognize that the number of legs, the hairiness of the skin or the termination of the sacrum are reasons equally insufficient for abandoning a sensitive being to the same fate! [...] The problem is not 'Can they reason? "Nor," Can they talk? ", But:" Can they suffer? ". (Jeremy Bentham)

The modern antispecism was precisely defined by philosophers Peter Singer (in "Animal Liberation", 1975) and Tom Regan (in "Animal Rights", 1990), according to the principle of equal consideration of the interests of animals and humans (introduced by Singer) and the concept of the rights of animals as sentient beings to receive respectful treatment and not be damaged (introduced by Regan).

I think of cows and calves, the bull; goats and sheep and even [...] the humble pig, as a celestial representations: meek, always painful, always benevolent, magnificent. I do not see why a man should think that they belong, that they are his own, which can destroy them, use them. Concept of the most barbaric and harmful, from which proceeds all the incurable human violence, being deadly history, whose only goal seems the growth of self, through the possession and destruction of the other self. [...] More and more we kill killed. More and more we degrade degraded. (Anna Maria Ortese)

The vision antispecist considered of equal value and non-human beings aiming at setting up a Company in which Ecocentric not cause unnecessary suffering to Other Living Species and the Planet.
This objective can be achieved in everyday life through:

  • commitment against any form of injustice and abuse,

  • the respect of the Environment and of all forms of life,

  • ethical veganism and critical consumption,

  • recycling and reuse of things for non-food consumerism and exert the least possible impact on Other Species and the Planet.

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