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Enough to atrocities against Animals


Atrocity is not less for the fact that it is committed in a laboratory and is called medical research: always remains an atrocity. (G.B. Shaw)

One of the most barbaric practices in use at the expense of the Animals is sadly known as experimentation and justified with scientific purposes. Whether it's education or medical research, drug, cosmetic or military, animal testing is a pointless and sadistic practice that every year kills millions of dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, monkeys, reptiles, birds, fish and insects.

Vivisection. No purpose is so high as to justify methods so unworthy. (Albert Einstein)

While the scientific community continues to support the need to resort to such cruel methods, it has now been amply demonstrated the limited impact, the existence of alternative research methods and the most effective and non-legitimacy of a horrendous practice as vivisection.

Of all the crimes that blacks man commits against God and God's creation, vivisection is the blackest. (Mahatma Gandhi)

It should be logical and natural rights of animals not to be used as guinea pigs, but it is known as the power of business can come to alter reality!

Instead of showing compassion, humanity uses his dominion over animals to lock them up in infamous prisons, to take them to the tie, with a sledgehammer, harpooning, poison, mutilate and subject to trauma in the name of science, to kill millions or blindness slowly in agony to test cosmetics. (Steven Rosen)

What we can all do, every day, to stop this horrific slaughter is simple: pay attention to the labels of the products we buy. The industries of cosmetics, detergents, cleaners, drugs and even some food (because of dyes and preservatives) participating in this gruesome carnage. We can stop them: buying products that label are stamped "NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS" or "CRUELTY FREE".

Be the change you want to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi)

We have selected a series of striking images in their severity, essential to show the severity of the problem. We recommend extreme caution in viewing by children and sensitive people.

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