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Only those who are so foolish as to think about changing the world, the change really.
(Albert Einstein)

Since the merger of Animalist sensitivity and deep respect for nature in all its forms, comes the no-profit association "Change Destiny" NGO, based in Lamezia Terme, in the heart of Calabria. Promoters -and also founders- are committed to the defense of Environment and Animals as children and, as expected, lead lives "Veg" along with their friends in 4 legs. The purpose of "Change Destiny" NGO is to raise awareness now in a state of perennial numbness than the many problems Naturalistic/Environmental, because it is our duty to take care of Mother Nature, who gives us so much every day and to which the human race unfortunately it is never sufficiently grateful!

The world is the mess that you see, not so much for the trouble arranged by criminals, but the inertia of the righteous who realize it and are there to watch. (Albert Einstein)

Environment and protection of all animals -living beings, like us, deserving of equal rights- are our priorities. Free information from any constraints or requirements, awareness campaigns permanent, concrete projects, cooperation and support to other associations and national and international organizations with whom we share the same principles, are the "weapons" that we intend to use to ensure that in future not too far devastation against Nature and crimes against Animal remain only an unpleasant memory, execrable track of that part of humanity that is worthy of this name!

I'm not an environmentalist. I am a warrior of the Earth. (Darryl Cherney)

Our campaigns, initiatives and projects -including the present web platform- are entirely self-financed. If ever manage to find a character engaged in "good policy" (the real one), that not only pursues its own interests, we will make known in a clear, consistent with our modus operandi.

Because an ecologist is elected president, you have the trees to vote
. (Coluche)

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