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Canticle of the Creatures (St. Francis of Assisi)


Modernity has failed. We must build a new humanism, otherwise you do not save the planet. (Albert Einstein)



«Most High, Almighty Good Lord, your are the praises, the glory, the honor and every blessing.

To you alone, O Most High, they are suitable and no man is worthy of mentioning you.

Praised be, my Lord, together with all creatures, especially for the lord brother sun, who is the light of day, and through him you give us the light. And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor: you, or Most High, symbolizes.

Praised be my Lord, by sister moon and the stars: in heaven you created them, clear precious and beautiful.

Praised be, my Lord, for brother wind, and for the air and the sky; for the cloudy and serene, for each season through which creatures give life.

Praised be my Lord, for sister water, which is very useful and humble, precious and pure.

Praised be my Lord, through brother fire, through which you light up the night. He is handsome, playful, robust and strong.

Praised be my Lord, for our mother earth sister, who nourishes us and keeps us: she produces different fruits, with colorful flowers and grass.

Praised be my Lord, for those who forgive in the name of your love, and endure disease and suffering.

Blessed are those who will bear them serenely, because they will be rewarded by the Most High.

Praised be my Lord for our sister bodily death, from which no human being can escape, woe to those who will die while in mortal sin.

Blessed are those who will find death while they are respecting your will. In this case, spiritual death will not cause them any harm.

Praise and bless my Lord, thank him and serve him with great humility. »


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