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In the name of progress, man is turning the world into a fetid and poisonous (and this is "anything but" a symbolic image). It is polluting the air, water, soil, animals ... and himself, to the point that it is legitimate to ask whether, in a hundred years, you can still live on earth. (Erich Fromm)

For pollution must be understood all that significantly alter the physical-chemical characteristics of the air, water and soil interfering with the natural mechanisms of ecosystem functioning and impairing the quality of life. Environmental pollution as we know it today was born with the Industrial Revolution, which brought with it: the emergence of large factories, consumption of large amounts of fossil fuels, the large volume of industrial chemical discharges and the increasing load of rubbish anthropic untreated.

Our environmental problems originate from the arrogance of imagining ourselves as the central nervous system or the brain of nature. We are not the brain, we are the cancer of nature. (Dave Foreman)

Pollution can be realized both locally and globally and often different types of pollution are combined and affecting more areas and / or elements. The increase of CO2 has altered the natural cycle: the rise in average global temperatures will cause melting glaciers, thermal expansion of the oceans, the climatic change and the extent of extreme weather events (such as floods and hurricanes) with resulting hydrogeological.

Often, unfortunately, they occur "chain reactions": in industrialized cities, the sulfur dioxide present is converted into sulfur trioxide for activation of the solar rays and subsequent oxidation, thereby causing the precipitation of acid rain for sulfuric acid.

For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death. (Rachel Carson)

Noise pollution is due to the noise present in the environment and in humans causes disturbing effects on the body and the psyche, affecting the study, work, leisure and sleep, can cause injury to the ear and partial loss or total hearing, usually creates fatigue, nausea, hypertension, nervousness, upset stomach, headaches, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, dizziness.

Electro-smog (or electromagnetic pollution) is related to the presence of artificial electromagnetic fields, it can cause serious health problems and biological effects. The World Health Organization, by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classifies electromagnetic fields, both static and those involved in the use of mobile devices as a possible human carcinogen.

There is also a particularly insidious pollution, household, because due to chemical fumes inside the houses: 40% of the building materials and cleaning (paint furniture, cleaning materials that give off harmful vapors although closed, carpet, synthetic fabrics) They can cause harmful effects on the inhabitants.

The main pollutants are: nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides (SO2 and SO3), and carbon (CO and CO2); volatile organic compounds and in particular mono and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, organic halides such as freon, ozone, free radicals (a short half-life, as a product of chemical and photochemical reactions), lead and other so-called heavy metals, particulates.The pollutants have a role in many diseases: those affecting the lung, cardiovascular, renal, immune system, cancer, allergies, asthma, bone marrow diseases, malformations.The substances scientifically classified as carcinogenic to humans are: asbestos fibers, hexavalent chromium compounds, vinyl chloride, benzo [a] pyrene, dioxins, tar, benzene X-rays and UV rays.

The man has known for five hundred thousand years from hunger, cold, violence. This is the first generation that knows no human food wholesome and clean sea. (Francis Burdin)

Among the major sources of release of pollutants include industrial chemical plants, incinerators, combustion engines of motor vehicles, agriculture (due to the use of fertilizers and pesticides), breeding. As stated by the FAO, "the evidence suggests that the livestock sector is the most important source of water pollutants, principally animal wastes, antibiotics, hormones, chemicals from tanneries, fertilizers and pesticides used for forage crops and sediment from pastures eroded." In 2009, FAO estimated that the total greenhouse gas emissions attributable to the livestock sector would be increased by 18% and would represent a stake equal to or higher than 51% of total emissions produced by human activities. The multiple and significant environmental impact factors related to breeding animals such as land occupation, deforestation, soil degradation, the greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, the destruction of the marine ecosystem and the depletion of fisheries, both help to determine a significant impact on plant and animal biodiversity.

They forget that the fruits belong to all and that the earth does not belong to anyone. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

The European Commission presented a draft directive in 2007 to condemn evenly environmental crimes within the European Union. Currently the definition varies considerably from one Member State to another, with sanctions often deemed insufficient by the Commission. The crimes addressed by this project are:

  • Issuance of illicit dangerous

  • The illegal transport of waste

  • Illegal trade of endangered species.

The Earth has a skin and this skin has diseases. One of these diseases is called man. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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