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Defending the Ecosystem


I think that having the land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art form that you could want. (Andy Warhol)

The ecosystem is delicate as the fundamental balance that allows the existence of the planet. Unfortunately, the indiscriminate human action -through hunting, fishing, vandalism, fires, farming, pollution, deforestation, the urbanization- major risks for the beautiful harmony of Creation, destroying natural habitats.

Man is the only animal that blushes, but the only one to need it. (Mark Twain)

The plants are of paramount importance in all aspects of our lives: providing food, fibers, medicines, fuel, shelter, tissues and even the air we breathe. Even the survival of many animal species directly dependent on plants. Plants and Animals, Flora and Fauna are essential for human survival.

Man has been endowed with the right and the power to create, so that he could add her to what he has been given. But so far he has never acted as a creator, but only by the destroyer. Razes the forests, drying up rivers, extinct flora and wildlife, alter the climate and brutalizes the earth every day. (Anton Chekhov)

According to data from the International Body IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) a quarter of mammals and one-eighth of the birds are now threatened with extinction, as 25% of reptiles, 20% of amphibians and 30% Fish. Indeed, some animal species classified as "Critically Endangered" could definitely become extinct within just 10 years! No one should tolerate being inflicted on animals suffering and even decline responsibility.

No one should keep quiet thinking that otherwise meddle in affairs that do not concern him. When so many are ill-treatment inflicted on animals, when they agonize ignored because of heartless men, we are all guilty. (Albert Schweitzer)

Even the botanical species are unfortunately not in a better situation: mosses, lichens, legumes, conifers and orchids. 22% is in danger of extinction!

The destruction is the will of a man, but also the prevention is the will of a man. The choice of a man is the one between destruction and prevention. (Rajan Babu)

Living in an environmentally friendly manner and stop actions against human nature is our duty! Vigilant and denounce the weapons that allow us to fight against the decline of biodiversity, the web of life on which we all depend.

If we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. (David Orr)

These species of animals and plants currently at greater risk of extinction.

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